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why internet business presence


2012 Canadians spent $18.9 billion online –  Stats Can 

2013 Canadians spent $22.3 billion online – Stats Can

2018 Canadian will spend $33.8 billion online – Financial Post

2013 Canadian businesses sold $122 billion online in the global market

2014 Canadian businesses sold $136+ billion online  –  Statistics Canada


Buying trends are changing

Consumers today are changing the way they buy products and services. Millions of people are buying online, and even more search online for what they want before they make a commitment to buy.

Businesses need to be online and in front of their target audience when they are searching for the products and services that they intend to buy.



Call it… Timely Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Attraction Marketing or Magnetic Marketing. It’s all about the customers coming to you.

Consumers Spending Internet Activity

 Internet buying statistics



Social Media Trends

Your Audience is already on social networks. When you join, and are interactive, you have a new outlet to reach out and connect with them.





 Mobile Media Trends

What are they Checking on?   Reviews  and  Price comparisons  and  Competitive online retailers



Canadian small business lagging in online presence


Three-quarters of Canadians research purchases online, but only 41% of Canadian small businesses and 45% of all business have an online presence.

Canadian small businesses are missing lucrative opportunities as Canadians come to rely on the Internet to help them make buying decisions, according to the 2014 Factbook from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, the organization that manages the .CA domain.

With Trends increasing each year, Canadian businesses might want to establish a web presence and be proactive with it sooner rather than later, as the value of e-commerce in Canada is increasing.

British Columbia and Alberta lead the nation in household internet access at 86 percent.


Interneet Business Presence solution


MyWebPros can provide a personalized Internet Business Development Solution  along with Coaching and Support to help develop and guide small business (SMBs) in creating their online presence and marketing strategies to grow their business online.


Contact us and lets have a chat and see what we can do

Your time is valuable and we want ensure that we set aside the appropriate time for you. A 15 minute introductory call will allow us to evaluate if our solution is right for you or not. 


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